Thursday, February 16, 2006

dear final fantasy, ich möchte sie in meinem wohnzimmer. love jo

Mp3: This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine - Final Fantasy

I saw the video for this song a while back and loved it (tortured girl in headphones and red cape serves tables) but I didn't remember the song itself being as good as it is: I am obsessed with it today. And of course, it was inspired by The Arcade Fire. It makes me imagine that I've visited Toronto and then Montreal and then the only thing that makes me feel ok about tearing myself away is listening to this song on the plane home. Final Fantasy = Owen Pallett, who did strings for The Arcade Fire and Hidden Cameras. The mutual influences are evident even when you don't know that. He Poos Clouds will be the new album out around May.

Final Fantasy on MySpace: see the video, download more songs
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Tal said...

violins rule.