Monday, July 30, 2007

family campout

I spent the last week with the fam in Idaho, and am spending this week with the fam on the road, so updates have been/will be sparse. But I do have a tune to share. The beginning of last week was spent doing pretty much the laziest (fake) camping I've ever done. This photo of a few cousins and aunts captures the range of our activity: eating, reading, talking. One perk of camping on the lawn of the summer house is the record player that reaches us outside. Grandpa brought up some old records, of which one of my favorites is Nancy & Lee. Now if only I can get a recording of Ood & Tood.

mp3: Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood - Jackson


stacie said...

You are So Funny, Jo! But why vacation at all if you have to *do* stuff? (ps I'll get on Ood and Tood to record their tune, "Neemer, Nohmer, Nahmer, Dib!")

Jo said...

oh yes, no complaints here about the non-doing of stuff. also, i didn't mean to leave out Stood and Isp. i'll be waiting for the debut.