Tuesday, August 7, 2007

SYTYCD redux

In the vacation I had to take from my vacation yesterday, I was able to catch up on the So You Think You Can Dance I'd been missing. But for all the hubbub (not just crazy praise from judges but viewer complaints of it being too emotionally manipulative for a competition show) about last week's Mia Michaels' heaven routine danced by Neil and Mormon Hooch, I can't stop watching Mia's goggle dance Neil and Lauren did several weeks ago. There are little bits I just love like the knee jerks and the sliding kick thing. And I'm not really a Citizen Cope fan, but the song was perfect (mp3 below).

I'm just so curious to see what happens when my faves, Sabra and Neil, dance together--which apparently happens this week.

mp3: Citizen Cope - Let The Drummer Kick


Susan said...

my roommate watches sytycd and I didn't really care for it until I saw this dance. I am fascinated and have watched this clip on youtube dozens of times. the dance had me as soon as they start doing what I can only describe as raindrops on the steps. I'm not a dancer but I'm determined to learn this dance.

haha. mormon hooch.

also, I don't even think the emotionally manipulative dance was very good at all. I mean they did it well, but I thought the choreography was weak.

lemme know your thoughts - AIM = earthgem8

Jo said...

yeah i've started calling her MoHo for short. i agree that the heaven dance wasn't mia's best. she seems to do the quirky better than the pretty. it wasn't bad, but almost any of the other dancers would have done it just as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I was watched it last night on DVD (since i live in Zimbabwe i need to wait until my sister sends it to me) Anyway, I skipped the explanation and went right to the dance. I wasn't impressed. it seems too short. I didn't get the "story" until I replayed the prep to the dance. Then I got a bit emotional. Conclusion - it wasn't all that.