Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lohan served by trick-or-treater

So here's a funny thing I found out about over Thanksgiving weekend. A member of my family is a partner in a Southern California law firm who has a case with Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's mother, named as a witness. They try and try to subpoena her but she's quite evasive. So finally, on Halloween, the firm's process server (the guy who delivers the papers) dresses up along with his little daughter and they go trick-or-treating to the Lohan residence in L.A. When Dina's at the door giving out candy to his daughter he asks, "Oh, are you Mrs. Lohan?" and shakes her hand. When she answers yes he gives her the papers and says "You've been served!" Ha! I wanted to know what they dressed up as, but my informant didn't know. Nor did he tell me what the case was all about. But still a good story.

{edit} I couldn't find it at the time of post, but here is a video of said law firm's other brush with fame. (click on photo)


niall said...

That's amazing! Can I email it to Holy Moly? It's a gossip website that's really funny.

Jo said...