Saturday, March 8, 2008


I finally got my laptop back! I actually had to stop myself from kissing it as I was leaving the Apple store. Now things can go back to normal.

Back when I dropped if off to be fixed there was this awesome guy with the thickest glasses ever next to me at the genius bar with his old school desktop. I loved the image of crazy genius old man sitting there with his old but space-agey computer under those florescent lights, so I had to surreptitiously snap his photo with my iphone.
Other things that happened while I was computerless:

I reunited with Alison, an old college roommate and the kind of friend who will always feel like family. I hadn't seen her in a couple years but now she lives just a few blocks away, and by a lucky turn of events I got to go to the blessing of her new baby.

I dug out my dad's old trunk of memorabilia from the LDS mission he served in Australia many years ago, for reasons I'll discuss in a later post, and dressed my sister in a kangaroo pelt.

Rosie as a roo

I raided my mom's fabric stash so I can make my first quilt which will be a gift for a friend's baby. Then I went to an actual fabric store and got more to make another quilt for another friend's baby. Looking at that first one, I may need to take out some of those yellows. These are all 30s reproduction fabrics, which I particularly like.

The thing that did not happen while I was computerless: a finished thesis proposal draft.

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ashley said...

yeah for computers!

so yes, we need to both do etsy and colaborate secrets once we are successful sellers! i love those fabrics that you picked out- keep the yellows, they look good.