Monday, March 10, 2008

You can't break my heart--it's liquid

The reason I scavenged the kangaroo pelts out of storage the other day was for the Australian themed birthday party we threw for Jerusha. We draped those pelts over the backs of the couches where everyone was tempted to nuzzle them.

One thing about filmmakers is the sorts of guests that might be at their birthday parties are not the sorts of guests that would be at, say, mine. This party was pretty small, but one of the stars of the Hess' new movie, which starts filming this week here in Utah, was in attendance: Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement. He was lovely, although monopolized most of the night by his new boss. And I neglected to offer to show him around Salt Lake. Maybe next time. At least we got photos.

Me & Jermaine

Does it look I was playing it cool? He had no idea how much I was actually freaking out.

Jermaine & Annabelle
This baby belongs to my friend Emily. How cute is that? I had to immediately send these photos to Mitch, who just recently taped my eyes open in front of the Flight of the Conchords dvd, and was the one who introduced me to them back when with this video. If you haven't seen the show, or the movie Eagle vs. Shark, check em out. More photos of the party, including the kangaroo cake, at my flickr.

mp3: Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopapotamus vs Rhymenocerous


kookiejar said...

Thank you soooo much for posting these pictures.

The one of Jemaine and the baby is just beyond adorable!!

Kurt said...

Wow, when you drop a name you drop a NAME! Good work on the faked casualness. Also, wb.

Heather said...


i wish ginger balls was there...

Dirk said... Rosie in the pelt...cooler!

Brooke said...

No way. I glanced down and the photo before I read much and was thinking, does Jo realize how much her friend looks like Jermaine?? He really does.

Joseph and Brittany said...

Ok, we watch Flight of the Concords all the time. I was just telling Joe last night that we dont have HBO anymore so we cant watch it. I am so jealous you hung out with him. They crack me up.

ethan said...

I like how the photo slightly mimics the background element. Sweet!