Friday, April 18, 2008

high places

I got the best email from Clara the other day in response to my being arrested story. I don't think she'll mind that I'm posting this as she had originally tried to leave it in a comment. Here's what the email said.

...i tried to comment, but it doesn't appear to have taken, so i'll just tell you what i said. i said that last week at a work lunch, i sat next to the guy who successfully argued Miranda v. Arizona before the Supreme Court. he even drafted the language that we all know and love: you have the right to remain silent.... at the time, i had no idea who he was. we talked about giving little baby girls old lady names and he asked me what i thought about hillary. feeling like he was trying to trick me, i said, "what do YOU think about hillary, victor?" he said he doesn't like her. i only found out about his career when i googled him the next day after i got an email from a co-worker asking who my new friend was.
anyway, i'm sure victor would be shocked that you weren't read your miranda rights...
and she added this link. How cool is that! Man I have rad friends.

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