Monday, April 21, 2008

super mega

Gave my lil sissy an impromptu haircut last night. There wasn't really a plan but once we decided we were done, it reminded me an awful lot of that chick in the video for "My Friend Dario." I think it turned out pretty rad.

sissy's cutsissy


Brooke said...

Simply gorgeous. Yeow!

Cody & Jessica Peters said...

Impressive! It looks SO cute on her.

Dirk said...

that is some sweet sweet hair.

Chrissy said...

Oh man, all the Thomas kids are grown up! I guess that means I am too...haha...When are you coming to so cal to visit? I hope Nic will convince you, then we can all go out! Sorry for the blog stalking, but it is nice to see what you've been up to! Say hi to the fam for me!