Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm hot and you're not

When I get something heavy on the brain, giving it to you is my attempt at purging it. Recently this scene from the movie Teen Witch, an old Disney Channel staple, keeps creeping into consciousness. Everything reminds me of it, and I find myself bringing it up in conversation all the time but it doesn't always go over well because usually nobody knows what I'm talking about, so I have to reenact it, and that is just not the same. This is one of the most memorable scenes from a movie ever. It defines sadcore. I love it. Please watch it and then we can all have an unspoken understanding of it's power and I'll never have to try to put it into words again.

What's more, Teen Witch is now a musical. Oh dear.
mp3: Teen Witch The Musical - Top That


Mike said...

oh. wow.

Mike said...

...sorry, I was signed in under mike...this is shelby....but still.....WOW!

Sofiblu said...

omg, I always loved this movie but never knew its name! This scene has always stuck out in my mind.

Sara said...

would you post up the other songs to that album? I love Popular girl! LOL!